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[September Hub-bub] Design First or Code First?


[September Hub-bub] Design First or Code First?

Hi Community,


How do you build your API products? For many years, developers have been creating APIs without thinking about the API structure or API description. Now, the question about the proper API description becomes very critical. There are several interesting articles that you can review to learn more about this topic:

Design First or Code First: What’s the Best Approach to API Development?

Understanding the API-First Approach to Building Products


How do you develop API in your organization?

What are the benefits of designing API first in your opinion?

Or, do you prefer coding API first? Why?


We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


*The September Hub-bub is an exciting online event in the SwaggerHub community. Share your thoughts by commenting existing topics or creating your own. Best posters will be rewarded with gift cards.

Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

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Re: [September Hub-bub] Design First or Code First?

For those who decided to code first there are some approaches to generate the Swagger/OpenAPI definition for an existing API:


1. Call methods of your API from Swagger Inspector and auto-generate definition based on the history of calls:
2. Generate definition based on metadata added to your API project with a special tool. Please refer to this document for details:

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