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Response from Inspector but not from Hub

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Response from Inspector but not from Hub

New user here 🙂 I'm beginning an API documentation project for the Open Food Network's Rails app. Inspector/Hub seems like a compelling alternative to code-based solutions like swagger-blocks and rswag because of its potential to detect types within responses and thus expedite the documentation process.


When playing around, Inspector returns good data for localhost:3000/api/products. When we began an API definition, however, that response disappears and we get only 403 Forbiddens. Any idea what could be causing that discrepancy? I've investigated the troubleshooting guide and installed the Chrome extension. 


Re: Response from Inspector but not from Hub

Hi haseleyi,


You may need to switch to the "Routing requests via browser" mode if you need to make requests to localhost from SwaggerHub. Please see the details here:

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