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API gateway integration - proxy server question

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API gateway integration - proxy server question

Hi there,


I'm attempting to use the api gateway integration extension and am confused as to what "Address of the server to Proxy to*" refers to - please assume for this that the entirety of the work I have done so far on this api has been within the swaggerhub builder and I have therefore not (knowingly) done any work to set up a separate server anywhere in the process.


Any help would be much appreciated!


Re: API gateway integration - proxy server question



Amazon API Gateway can work in the proxy mode passing requests to an external API server, or it can use AWS Lambda functions as a backend for API endpoints. SwaggerHub has different integrations for these scenarios:

Amazon API Gateway – Use it if you have an existing API server and you want to proxy or secure it using API Gateway.

Amazon API Gateway Lambda Sync – Use it if you want to use AWS Lambda functions as a backend for your API.


For the first type:

Address of the Server to Proxy to – The back-end HTTP endpoint to which API Gateway will proxy the requests. For example, or If your API definition specifies the host, basePath and scheme, this is scheme:host/basePath.


So, it's not necessary to specify the existing server if you don't need to send requests to it.


Please see this article for additional details:


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