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API URL Suffix goes blank on Azure API Management

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API URL Suffix goes blank on Azure API Management

SwaggerHub deletes a existing value on API URL Suffix field on API Management. We use the API URL Suffix to uniquely identify the API in the route. 

Here's an example,


Base URL:-


Foo API:- 

API URL Suffix:- foo

Route 1:-{param1}/{param2}

Route 2:-


Bar API:- 

API URL Suffix:- bar

Route 1:-{param1}/{param2}

Route 2:-{param1}


After the API Integration runs the API URL Suffix is blanked out completely. So it becomes,{param1}/{param2}{param1}


I am using Open API 3.0.1. Moreover the value specified on servers on the swagger.yml file, goes under Web Service URL field on Azure API Management.


To test if this is an error on Azure API Management, I imported the swagger.yml file manually on Azure API Management and verified that the value was still there. 


Has someone experienced this?

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Re: API URL Suffix goes blank on Azure API Management

Hi @krishnanmiyer,


We have reproduced the issue with "API URL Suffix" (internal ID: STEAM-2101). To track the issue status you can open a support ticket at

and refer to the issue # and this thread.


Thanks for reporting this and sorry for the inconvenience.

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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