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Include API name and version in email notifications

Include API name and version in email notifications

Currently, whenever a comment is made on an API with which I'm associated, I receive an email notification with a subject that is something like "gareth.davies has just added a comment to your API" (similar for replies). Since, as an Org Owner, I'm associated with dozens of APIs it is unclear from the email Subject alone which API has been commented on. Is there any way of including the API name in the Subject line?


Thanks for the idea garethdavies! That makes sense.


I've just added to our backlog and we'll prioritize this asap.

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In the same vein, notification settings would be very appreciated.  I want notifications for every project I'm associated on, but I know the rest of my team doesn't.  More granular control per API would be great too.  The annotation shortcomings are one of the things keeping us from going all-in on the ecosystem

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