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Responses In JSON File

New Member

Responses In JSON File

Is there any better way to write api responses section in seperate json file and after that we call it in documentation controller....

Here is an example
This my docx!

    * @OA\Get(
    *  path="/v1/users",
    *  tags={"geo"},
    *  operationId="accountValidate",
    *  summary="validates an account",
    *  @OA\Parameter(name="email",
    *    in="query",
    *    required=true,
    *    @OA\Schema(type="string")
    *  ),
    *  @OA\Response(response="200",
    *    description="Validation Response",
    *  )
    * )
i wat to write my response section in json file .how can i acheive it.

please specify the solution with Lumen (PHP) Framwork

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