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Pragma Edge API Connect

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Pragma Edge API Connect

Pragma Edge API Connect Accelerator on IBM PEM STD will provide the ability to create API with basic auth, Token based, OAuth, where the JSON information is passed to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator platform to handle the processing of the transaction. Similarly, Pragma Edge API Connect Accelerator provides the ability to invoke API using basic auth, Token based, OAuth. Pragma Edge API Connect also delivers API transaction visibility, facilitating a one solution to handle B2Bi (EDI, EDIFACT, XML, Flatfiles etc), MFT and API transactions.

About Pragma Edge INC.


PragmaEdge is a software, SaaS, and consulting services company that drives digitization data integration and process automation. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. We are achieving this growth by helping our customers to achieve their goals, delivering innovation, collaboration, and agility with solutions and services that improve their bottom line and business operations. We are a team of "Does and Thinkers" who take a pragmatic approach addressing the needs of our customers.

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Why PragmaEdge INC


In addition to delivering seamless, secure and always-on connectivity, Sterling B2B Integrator helps deliver additional business value in terms of: 


  • Reducing supply chain costs
  • Boosting channel productivity
  • Speeding sales channel development
  • Elevating customer service levels 


To learn more about how IBM Sterling B2B Integrator can help your business achieve seamless, secure and always-on connectivity across the value chain, please visit us:







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