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OpenAPI 3.0 endpoints

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OpenAPI 3.0 endpoints

What are the available OpenAPI 3.0 servers with a full implementation except petstore example (

It seems Marketo Swagger specifications are not updated to v3.0, may be v2.0.

I am developing an OpenAPI 3.0 client application, which has been successfully tested with the petstore example. But, I could not find any other server based on OpenAPI 3.0 to test my client app.


Re: OpenAPI 3.0 endpoints

There're many OpenAPI 3.0 definitions on SwaggerHub:


Also check out this OpenAPI directory:


You can also convert OpenAPI 2.0 definitions to 3.0 - everything that can be expressed in OpenAPI 2.0 is supported in OpenAPI 3.0 as well.

Helen Kosova
SmartBear Documentation Team Lead
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