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Migrating from Springfox -> @ApiResponse Annotation Problems

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Migrating from Springfox -> @ApiResponse Annotation Problems

I actually try to migrate a Project from Springfox to Springdoc.


Within the Controller we have the old Annotaion Type for @ApiResponse wich look like this:


@ApiResponse(code = 200, message = "OK", response = String.class, responseContainer = "list")


The documentation is not very helpful with the properties "response" and "responseContainer". How can I write them in the new Way of springdoc?


I tried this for the response:

@ApiResponse(responseCode = "200", description = "OK", content = @Content(schema = @Schema(implementation = String.class)), ref = "list"


Is this Right???


response ---> content...


responseContainer ---> ref


Is there any good Documentation about Spring Class Annotations?

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