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Customizing Swagger UI to add an additional functionality


Customizing Swagger UI to add an additional functionality

When we send a request on an endpoint from the swagger ui, we get the response in a code block. Now here I need to do a customization. I need use that response and do my own modifications and then display them in the codeblock(or wherever possible).

Now here I have some questions.
1. Is this a feasible thing to do.

2. If yes, then can you please me navigate me around the code so I can know where and how the change can be made.

3. If no, then what could go wrong here?

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Is it feasible to customize responses in Swagger UI?

Yes, it's possible to customize responses in Swagger UI for formatting, adding information, or data transformation. Here are general steps:

  1. Locate Swagger UI Code: Find the source code or config files.

  2. Identify Response Handling: Look for response handling logic, often in JavaScript/TypeScript.

  3. Customize Response Handling: Modify data within the response handling logic, using JavaScript if needed. You can search for more at Chat GPT Português

  4. Update Display: Display customized data in Swagger UI, e.g., in a code block.

Potential issues:

  • Compatibility: Customizations may cause compatibility problems with Swagger UI versions.
  • Maintenance: Custom code may need updates with project changes.
  • Security: Be cautious with data modifications to avoid security risks.

Ensure thorough testing and documentation, and use version control for customizations.

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