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API Gateway extension/plugin for Swagger editor - Does this exist

New Member

API Gateway extension/plugin for Swagger editor - Does this exist

Good Morning!
Sorry to ask, But my searching as turned up nothing. I am using the swagger editor to work with a new OAS document and i need to add some API Gateway information to it. Is there a plugin for API gateway that can be used with the editor to provide syntax highlighting and code completion? I'm kinda going back and forth with the API Gateway documentation on AWS and it's getting a litle tedious. If there is no such thing, Can someone provide insight on thier workflow when creating API specs and adding x-amazon-apigateway elements to the spec file? I'm open to other editors/methods on doing this. 

To provide a little background, i'm making an API for a work-related project and using the Amazon CDK to build the API. That part works, but i want to flesh it out a little more by adding custom elements for handing mock endpoints and documentation. I have plenty of examples to do this, i'm just looking for a better workflow to make the document. 


NOTE: This isn't spam, this is a legitimate question i have. Can you please unmark this? 

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