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Swagger Inspector is not creating history

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Swagger Inspector is not creating history

Hi guys,

I'm new to Swagger and Swagger Inspector.

I'm learning how to use Swagger Inspector to generate my APIs. Last week, I test my software with Swagger Inspector, and then I was able to select the commands from the history to generate a SwaggerHub repository with the APIs.

Today, if I execute a command on Swagger Inspector, it is not saved in the history and so I'm not able to generate APIs.


Could you please help me to solve the problem?

I already have installed the Swagger Inspector Extention both on Chrome and Firefox. I tryed to clean the history, to clean the cache of the browser and to restart my pc. Do you have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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I'm having the same issue when I tried using the tool this weekend. Haven't heard back from support on a fix.

Looks like someone had the same issue a few months ago:

fatal error in their history api screenshot_2685.png

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From what I can see, this started happening right before Christmas. The last history I show is 12/22. Without the history and ability to pin transactions for testing, swagger inspector/builder holds little value for me. I don't see any way to ask for help beyond this forum, but I also don't see that anyone is monitoring it and providing an answer, or at least acknowledging that the problem exists and is being investigated. Is this the right pathway to Smartbear technical support, or is this strictly a public project?

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Same exact issue here - History is created when NOT logged in, but cannot save the spec.  As soon as I log in, History stops working -- rendering the entire app pointless.

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