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Any plans to add support for scripting and generating test cases?


Any plans to add support for scripting and generating test cases?

Hi all, I just had a look at Swagger Inspector. Looks good so far. I could upload my Open API YAML definition and it generates a collection of requests. I would really like to see support for scripting and generating test cases. Should I file a feature request? 😉

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I'm happy to hear that enjoy Swagger Inspector 🙂


Definitely, feel free to submit a feature request here if you want some functionality to be added to the product. 



Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

Hi, and thank you for the feedback. We don't have any immediate plans to support scripting, but we definitely take community requests into account when thinking about our product roadmap.


So far, we've gotten a couple of requests for scripting. If anyone else wants scripting and/or test generation, please add your comments to this thread with a description of what you're trying to do.




Shannon Wallace
Product Manager
SmartBear Software

Hi Shannon. Thank you for your reply. I would need scripting support because our service is using HMAC authentication (aka Bearer Token, aka JSON Web Token). I do not see any other option than to use scripting for this case. Or maybe you want to support this type of authentication directly. 🙂

Excellent, that's good to know! We could definitely think about doing this either way, and we have thought about adding the authentication flows for oauth2/JWT (client-side/1-step, and server-side/2-step) into Inspector. This is the first time we've gotten a request around HMAC.


It may well be the case that we should add scripting support to allow for the variety of things people will need to do. Would you want us to store and run the scripts? What languages would you want to use?


Thanks for following up!

Shannon Wallace
Product Manager
SmartBear Software

It is great news that you are already thinking about oauth2/JWT! Please note that HMAC is just an algorithm used by JWT and not an authentication method on its own (at least not that I know of, see


It would be okay for us to have you store scripts. However, it would be cool if you would provide some way to store login credentials encrypted. Maybe in separate files that can be referenced in the scripts?


Personally I would prefer using Groovy for scripts. I'm using it in SoapUI Pro and JMeter already and I'm very happy with it. However, we have other projects here that have working scripts written in JavaScript already. Reusing them would be of great benefit for us. Please remember to support external libraries as well. For example, CryptoJS.


Oh well, that's enough wishes for today. 😉

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