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soapui new version

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soapui new version

when will the new version be out. and are there any load testing specific improvements ?

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Re: soapui new version


this is really taking too long, the next release will be in beta first in August. Loadtesting related improvements are:
- new strategies
- setup/tearDown scripts on the loadTest level
- improved statistics calculations

anything you are missing in this list?


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Re: soapui new version

I just wanted to check up on the load testing 'Grid' strategy. I remember last time we talked, the grid strategy was not quite clear. Something simple would work out well for us. What I have in mind is just to have 2 columns in the grid.
col1--> Number of threads to run
col2--> number of mins to run

that way I can have something like

num threds | time(min)    |
2                |    10
4                |    20
6                |    30

so in such a scenario, the statistics report really matter. I would ideally like to have a report that would give me the breakdown for 2,4,and 6 thread.


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