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soap request generation

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soap request generation

I would like to see the option of generating a separate soap request test step for every possible permutation based on the xsd.

For example:
When the xsd specifies that an optional field exists, two soap request test steps would be generated, one with the optional field and one omitting the optional field.

Same would apply with choice or selection fields.


A separate soap request test step would be generated for each scenario.  One soap request test step would include choice a, the second would include choice b, and the third would include choice c.

And really cool would be Restrictions.


Restrictions of value would create a soap test request test step for each valid value.  In the example above one soap request test step with value E and a second soap test request with value S.

This would help test coverage.

If something like this already exists, please point me to the documentation.


Re: soap request generation


right now we do not have such feature, maybe it will be introduced in future releases. But maybe this could be of use: ... nstep.html


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