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groovy scripting question (load testing related)

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groovy scripting question (load testing related)

I have a test case which i am using in a load test. In this testcase I call a webservice function for which I need a valid user. To get this valid user I query  the database to get some random user. This works fine when I run a simple testcase. However in a 200 thread load test, I guess what is happening is that I open 200 connections to my database to a get a random user.  One connection for each thread. This is putting extra load on the DB server which I don't want.

How can I script such that 200 scripts share the database connection. Is this possible.

My current stepstep is something like this
GlobalFunctions gb = new GlobalFunctions();
gb.GetRandomUser(context, "AuthenticateUser - Request 1")

In the constructor, I connect to the database.


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Re: groovy scripting question (load testing related)

I think i figured out the problem. I was not closing connection in my groovy script. I also made the def sql static (i believe this will cause the sql object to be shared among the threads?)

so now my constructor has something like

sql = Sql.newInstance(connectionString)

Does this look ok ?
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Re: groovy scripting question (load testing related)

Hi Ali,

Maybe you could create a static synchronized method inside your GlobalFunctions object which would create a static connection on the first call and then reuse that for later queries.. I think this is in line what you already are trying to do !?


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