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[Week 2] API Summer 2018 Leaders So Far


[Week 2] API Summer 2018 Leaders So Far

Hi everyone,


Here is just a quick note to share with you the Week 2 leaderboard of our API Summer 2018 so far:

  1. @nmrao gave 13 replies
  2. @Pratap with 9 replies
  3. @richie gave 8 replies
  4. And @DyHex gave 2 replies, as well as @niherbreteau


It’s time to get active! In several days, we will announce the winners, who will get awesome gifts. Want the gifts but don't know what to reply to? Here are some unanswered topics that will help you move up on the API Summer 2018 leaderboard:


ServiceV Pro - While deploying virtual service to a remote server, datasource is not supported.

How to change GIT credentials once these are set

loadUI not running testCase in sequence


Put forth your greatest effort to win. Hope you enjoy the event!

Olga Terentieva,
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

Community Manager

Re: [Week 2] API Summer 2018 Leaders So Far

Great participation. Keep it up, guys!

@PERSIN, welcome to the leaderboard  You have great chances to win!

Tanya Gorbunova
SmartBear Community Manager

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