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Variable keystore for each single teststep, based on environment

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Variable keystore for each single teststep, based on environment

Dear Smartbear friends!

This is my very first post on the community site Smiley LOL


My situation

I have a webservice with 3 environments (integration, acceptation & production).

For each seperate teststep-properties I use variables like;

username: ${#Project#Username}

password: ${#Project#Password}

ssl keystore: ${#Project#Certificate}


The benefit is that I can manage these credentials in the Project Custom Properties.

So when I switch from environment, I only have to change 1 Project Custom Properties and all seperate teststeps will obey the Project Custom Properties. If I want to switch user or certificate, I can do that on the single Project Custom Properties as well.


But nowwww....

The problem

Since I've upgraded to ReadyAPI 2.6.0 I've lost ${#Project#Certificate} in the ssl key store field from all seperate teststeps and there's no way to write this back, because this field suddenly became a dropdown-list.


SSL Keystore.png

Can anyone give me tips how to fix this properly?


Hi @davinci020 , I’m happy to tell you that the bug was fixed by the devs. The fix should be included in the next product version which we are planning on releasing in February. 

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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Dear @sonya_m you made my day!

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Confirmed: After upgrading to ReadyAPI 3.1 the problem is solved:


» The SSL Keystore field is a dropdown & textarea

» I'm able to 'write' (variablies) in the SSL Keystore field for each teststep

» The SSL keystore is reading values from older ReadyAPI versions (ie ReadyAPI 2.5)

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