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Strange behaviour loadtests with more threads

Occasional Contributor

Strange behaviour loadtests with more threads

The situation:
- A testcase with 5 teststeps, each another operation.
- Loadtest: 5 threads and Total runs 1000

The teststeps fail in a strange way: Teststep 2 fails because the answer is not correct. But when I investigate the answer I notice the answer of Teststep 2 is in fact the answer of Teststep 1 (another operation). This way almost every teststep fails and the results of the loadtest are not useable.

I can't see why soapUI does this but I think it has something to do with the threads. The problem does not occur when we only run one thread.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Strange behaviour loadtests with more threads

The problem is caused by a java-extention that we developed in function of our project. Thanks to Ole who spotted the problem and gave us the solution we fixed the extension.
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