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Schema Compliance

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Schema Compliance

We have been using Soap Ui Pro for some time, and have used externalised properties to specify the URI of our Web Services to enable execution aginst various deployment environments (these are also automated through Junit within various build environments).

We've recently added Schema Compliance assertion steps which fail under certain circumstances.

Within each test request we have specified the Endpoint as "${webservices.url}/fetchCaseService/" for example, and changing the property works great to point at different deployments.

However, when specifying a schema compliance assertion, failures occcur when executing via the SoapUIProTestCaseRunner.
This appears to use the "Definition URL" defined at the Interface Level as part of the complicane check, and this variable does not appear to take account of any properties.

The error I receive is as follows:

15:42:44,318 INFO  [SoapUIProTestCaseRunner] running step [Fetch Non-Existant Case]
15:42:44,863 INFO  [HttpClientSupport$Helper] Initializing SSL
Progress: 1 - Caching definition from url [${webservices.url}/fetchCase/fetchCase.wsdl]
15:42:45,440 ERROR [SoapUI] An error occured [no protocol: ${webservices.url}/fetchCase/fetchCase.wsdl], see error log for details no protocol: ${webservices.url}/fetchCase/fetchCase.wsdl

I need to use the variable as tests tend to be developed aginst localhost, and then pointed to environments.

Many thanks for any assistance.

Marc Ludwig

Re: Schema Compliance

Hi Marc,

I cannot replicate the problem you're having.
I've created a test case which uses a property for a part of a web service endpoint URL which is also used in Schema Compliance assertion. The web service is accessed without problem and assertion is valid both from GUI and command-line testrunner (which invokes SoapUIProTestCaseRunner).

What build/version are you using?

Can you download the latest build and retry with it?

/Nenad Nikolic a.k.a. Shonzilla

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