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[Resolved] error: does not close tag

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Occasional Contributor

[Resolved] error: does not close tag

Hi guys,

I am trying to import a WSDL and I am getting the error below.

Error loading [http://localhost:8080/custident-service/ciCustSearchService.wsdl]: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: org.apache.xmlbeans.XmlException: error: does not close tag

My WSDL seems to be properly formatted and I am not sure what could be the problem.

Can you please let me know how to proceed to investigate this isssue.

Occasional Contributor

Re: error: does not close tag

The error was occurring because I did not exclude 'localhost' in the Proxy excludes, in the Preferences section.

I think the error shown was rather misleading.
Occasional Contributor

Re: error: does not close tag

Wow! Thanks Krisrr3 for posting update with your fix. This was extremely frustrationg for me. I would get "does not close tag" error no matter which endpoint I tried. I installed latest SoapUI 5.0 Pro and even uninstalled all versions to do a "cleaner" install. No change. I even tried on my laptop and could import WSDL for new project no problem using same ethernet cord so I know it was local machine configuration. What's worse is that my desktop used to work just fine! AAARG!

After >4 hours of searching and fiddling around your comment lead me to the root cause:
My desktop had a manual proxy configured that was no longer supported by my IT department. My laptop was configured with "Automatic" proxy selected and no manual configuration present. All I needed was a pointer toward proxy configuration.

1. Click File>Options, then click Proxy Settings
2. Change proxy settings to match SoapUI on a working system OR talk to your network admin to determine what proxy server should or should not be used to reach your desired target URL.
3. Retry importing WSDL.

SUGGESTION: SoapUI should detect "does not close tag" error and mention below the error "File>Preferences>HTTP Proxy may be configured incorrectly." in addition to the raw and ambiguous error.

FYI Bonus TIP: Google search worked much better than Bing search for "does not close tag".
Enjoy! -ZephanS
SoapUI Pro 4.5.1

Re: error: does not close tag


We do have something internally filed for better error messages when related to configuration such as proxy for instance, SOAP-1087. Thanks for sharing how to get around that error, I will add this as an example.

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