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Problems deleting custom properties from a test case


I'm trying to remove properties from a test case. I found the following code to do so and customized it but it doesn't work:

data = context.testCase.getTestStepByName("Test Case Name");

String[] propToRemove = new String[data.getPropertyCount()];
propToRemove = data.getPropertyNames();
for ( int i = 0 ; i < propToRemove.size(); i++ ){
    data.removeProperty( propToRemove[i] );

It does not work because I don't have any removeProperty method available ?! The only one I have is removePropertyChangeListener.


How can I use this method ? I tried to use the result of data.getPropertyAt(<myIndex>) but the type is not correct.

How can I get a PropertyChangeListener type from my testCase data ?


any help welcome  Smiley Sad

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Re: Problems deleting custom properties from a test case

Thank you for posting to our Community Forum.


Here is a script (created in ReadyAPI 2.1) that deletes all testcase properties.


propertyNames = context.getTestCase().getPropertyNames()

for(propertyName in propertyNames){

Let me know if you have any questions/concerns.

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