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Pdf file in service response not showing up in "Attachments" tab in Outline/ Overview views


Pdf file in service response not showing up in "Attachments" tab in Outline/ Overview views



I'm using latest version of Ready API but this issue was noted with previous versions as well. Could anyone let me know whether this has something to do with the capability of tool or just wrong expectation from my side?


I have a rest service which uses HTTP GET method to return a PDF file in response. If I use just a standard browser like google Chrome and hit the end point of service, browser starts to download file. When same request is run via ReadyApi my expectation was to see the pdf file in "Attachments" tab of Outline OR Overview tab and open it directly fromt there. But no attachment shows up there.


Attached is a sample response xml for your reference.


Note: At the moment I'm still able to view the PDF file in response by dumping the reponse into a file on my hard drive using ready api.


Appreciate your help.


Thanks & Regards,

Gilu Gopi







New Member

Haven't faced such an issue by myself, but I would suggest there's a problem with the exact file. Can you download that file and inspect it through some application to workaround with pdf's? For example, this or Adobe one. I think it will work this way, or at least you'll figure out what's the problem exactly


Hi everyone,


@giusto_pio, thank you for your time looking into this.

@gilugopi, have you had a chance to try the above suggestion? 


Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager

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