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Mock Service with SSL

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Mock Service with SSL


I'm using soapUI Pro 2.5.1.

Here is what I did,
. I created a mock service with a wsdl, it works
. Use keytool.exe from \jre1.6.0_06\bin to create the keystore
  keytool -genkey -alias myalias -keyalg RSA -validity 365 -keystore mystore
. Load the keystore from File-Preferences, see attachment soapssl.png
. Restart the mock service, I can only see http://localhost:8088/,
  while https://localhost:8089/ gives me an error page, something like "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage..."

Is there something I'm missing? Or where I could check the error message?


Helen Zhang

Re: Mock Service with SSL


Since I'm linux user I can only speak I fix this in firefox. Firefox blocks it because it is untrusted, self-signed certificate. So, you need to add exception to be accepted by browser, than it will work. I guess it is same thing with IE. If there is any error you should be able to see it in error log.

Hope this helps,


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