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LoadTest Log Export questions suggestions

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LoadTest Log Export questions suggestions

as you can probably guess I am doing some load testing at the moment that is why I have plenty of questions and suggestions.

When I click on 'export current loadtest log to a file' soapui will transfer everything to a file. I think that this should only happen if I have 'show types = all' and 'show steps = all'. However I have filtered my log for some specific step then export should only export those stats.

Secondly, as it is right now I can click on a log entry and it shows a new window with request, response, properties, and message. It would be nice  to export all these. Maybe a secondary xml file where you can have a log entry id and all it corresponding request, response,properties,and message. If this can be incorporated into a junit type report where I can click click on some log entry and view results.

Third. I think it would be very beneficial to write graphing stats to a csv file so that people can graph and overlay as they wish. For instance. If I have a csv file with the response time or tps over my 12 hours load test, I can overlay this graph on top of other stats that I collect from the web servers like IIS counters, CPU, etc etc. This would make performance reports very easy to manipulate and customizable.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for you proactive approach.

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Re: LoadTest Log Export questions suggestions

Hi Ali,

great ideas all of them.. The first is almost a bug, I'll try to fix it in the upcoming snapshot..

The others are obvious improvements to the whole reporting aspect of the LoadTesting functionality.. Let me think about this and get back to you with some ideas on how this could be overhauled..

Thanks for your great feedback!


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Re: LoadTest Log Export questions suggestions


We've just published a snapshot that should fix the first point in your list (apply filters to exported files..).. Let me know how it works when you get the time to test!

(download from


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