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How to generate Single Page report when running TestCaseRunner from maven plugin

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How to generate Single Page report when running TestCaseRunner from maven plugin

I have a question regarding the TestCaseRunner:
I was running TestCases with testrunner.bat giving these parameters: -R"JUnit-Style HTML Report" -F"Single Page (Print)"
This was producing a single HTML file containg all information needed. This single HTML file I could then easily send via email.
Now I switched from running testrunner.bat to running the TestCaseRunner from soapui-pro-maven-plugin with following parameters:

<reportName>JUnit-Style HTML Report</reportName>
<reportFormat>Single Page (Print)</reportFormat>

But unfortunately this won’t generate the single HTML file but the frame based multi-page report in HTML, which I’m not able to send via email as easily.

Could you please check and let me know how to create the single-page HTML report when running TestCases from soapui-pro-maven-plugin.

Many thanks in advance.

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ok, thanks for the response of the support.

This worked in the past: see


does the support tell you if all the report feature is unavailable for TestRunner and maven, or only the "Single Page" report?



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I asked support about other reportFormats (that I tetsed PDF and it didn't work) thats what they tell me:


>>Single report never worked via testRunner or maven since there is no option in testRunner utility to add the command single page. Therefore devs asked me to log a feature request. The PDF maven is not working SOAP-756. We have a bug for that and it will be fixed within next few weeks its high priority.


Since you mentioned that the single page report worked before, can you tell me the version so I can try that and add comment to SOAP-629.<<


So I tested testrunner.bat with 4.6.4, which was working perfectly.

It seems since some version 5.1.x that it doesn't work anymore.

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