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Groovy soapui API help - creating a delay teststep

Super Contributor

Groovy soapui API help - creating a delay teststep

Need some groovy help to do the following.

I have a test suite with 10 test cases. When my testsuite starts, in the 'setup script' I want to do the following.

if ( testsuite runType == PARALLEL)

1. For all the test cases in my testsuite, I want to insert a delay test step called 'tempdelay' as the first test step.

2. the delay time will equal the testcase#. for example if its the 3rd test case in the testsuite, then the delay=3 second.

3. when the testsuite ends (teardown script), delete all the 'tempdelay' test steps from all the testcases in the testsuite.


Thanks in advance for your help.

Super Contributor

Re: Groovy soapui API help - creating a delay teststep

Hi Ali,

I suggest you create the teststeps manually and disable/enable them from your setup script instead.. (it would make the scripting much easier and less error prone).. does that sound reasonable?


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