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Grabbing a response from SOAPUI Pro


Grabbing a response from SOAPUI Pro

Let's say for example, you send a SOAP request to create a record in a database and the server responds that the record has been created by returning the key of the record. You want to use that key in a different SOAP request.

Is there a way to grab the soap response line/data item (in a Groovy script or some other way)?

It does not matter if I have to parse the data, if needed.


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Re: Grabbing a response from SOAPUI Pro

Hi Jim,

sure.. you can use a PropertyTransfer Step in your TestCase to extract the key from the response message and then use that in another request or store it in a property, DataSink, etc..

Have a look at ... sfers.html to get you started..

Alternatively you can create a Groovy Script that extracts the value and does something with it; have a look at the GroovyUtils/XmlHolder classes described at ... roovyUtils to get going..


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