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Export GET response to CSV

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Export GET response to CSV

hi everyone,

I'm fairly new to Smartbear ReadyAPI 2.5.0 and need some help.

I'm trying to find out how we can export the response form a loop all in the same file.

I have successfully create a test case that uses data to run a series of API call. (I'm using a GET call to pull data from our LMS). The API calls are all coming back with success. but I need to open them one call at a time to review the data. I'm only using 2 values in my CSV file: pageSize and page. Because the response is capped at 200 elements, I'm running the same call over and over again with 200 value at pageSize, and only changing the page number to 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.


I've seen some ideas with Groovy Scripts, but none that worked.


Is it possible to achieve what I'm looking for? If it is, anyone has some insight on how I can do that?


Re: Export GET response to CSV

Thank you for posting to our Community Forum. 


To output the GET Response information to a CSV file, we recommend using the Data Sink Test Step within the TestCase structure. You can create a "Property" that pulls from the API Response (either a part or whole) and export it in multiple formats including CSV.




Have a great day! 

SmartBear Staff
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