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Data not transfered


Data not transfered



I have the following REST API setup:


     DataSource step
     "TestStep A POST"
     "TestStep B POST"


XML-Response of executed "TestStep A POST" is:

<Response xmlns="http://xxxxxxxxxx">

The token is needed as value in HTTP header in TestStep B, so I've put there as Dynamic Property:

${TestStep A POST - /registration/client#ResponseAsXml#//Response[1]/authSession[1]/token[1]}


There's definitely something wrong in this setting, because when 2nd TestStep is executed, the value in the header is always empty. What error do I overlook??

Occasional Contributor

Re: Data not transfered

you might neeed to use a property transfer step (from testStep A to testStep B)


Re: Data not transfered

The test step name doesn't match, but maybe you just mistyped it when describing the setup?


Also, I believe you need the namespace declaration in the XPath expression. If you're using Ready! API you can get it generated easily by right-clicking in the editor and selecting Get data ...


Kind regards,

Manne, Ready! API Developer


Re: Data not transfered


Yes, came to this solution this morning after a good night of sleep Smiley Very Happy

Removed the "Dynamic Properties"-stuff and added a parameter with HEADER style. 

This one can be used in the PropertyTransfer.

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