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Customer Q & A from our latest SmartBear Academy, SoapUI NG Pro 201 Free Training!


Customer Q & A from our latest SmartBear Academy, SoapUI NG Pro 201 Free Training!

Hey SoapUI NG Pro Community! Below are some handpicked  Q & A from our latest SoapUI NG Pro free 201 training.

Go here for the recording:


Q. Can we use a feeding external data source?

A. Yes, data source supports multiple types of sources. Like Files, DB, Excel


Q. Can you create a report of your test results?

A. Yes, there is a button in the toolbar for Test Suite/Test Case.


Q. What happens when I refactor test names?

A. All references will be updated, including property expansions.


Q. How can I work different team members in the same project?

A. Change the project type to Composite.


Q. How to handle API's for running on two different environments?

A. There is environments feature where you can configure different endpoints for different environments.


Q. Can we pull in data source values from an external storage like a Database or an excel sheet?

A. Yes, you can setup DataSource type Excel or DataConnection. For database you will require a JDBC driver in "bin/ext" directory.


Q. What is the difference between 'response' and 'responseAsxml'?

A. Response will give the response as is, ResponseAsXML will try to convery other formats like JSON to XML.


Q. Can we pass the data from external files?

A. Yes, there are Excel and File options in DataSource available for that.



As always please share with us your feedback and comments as we continue to build out our new SmartBear Academy free training webinars for customers and users like you!


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