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Controlling the storage/execution order of a data sink value

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Controlling the storage/execution order of a data sink value

In SoapUI NG I have a situation where I am making a request to a service, where one of the response parameters is the input for another test. This would appear to be a very standard thing to want to do. The situation is this: I have 2 tests, both of them consist of a request step and a data source loop. Test 1 generates data that is used in Test 2. So I can use a Data Sink to capture the response parameter in question. This data sink is then the data source for Test 2. But crucially, the order of execution is important. The data sink will store the output as it is generated. ie value 1, value 2, value 3. But when this is used as a data source for Test 2, I want to execute it in a different order value 2, value 3, value 1. Either that, or I need to be able to store it in the correct order in the first place. How do I achieve this?

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