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Connecting SQL server 2014 using windows authentication

Occasional Contributor

Connecting SQL server 2014 using windows authentication


 I am trying to setup a jdbc connection to connect to SQL servere using windows authentication and query the database.

I contacted support team but i couldn't get the help on this, which is supposed to be.


i did following things but still getting the error

1)copied the ntlmauth.dll into bin folder

2)copied the jtds.jar file in ext folder

3)added new driver in File->option-.jdbc driver.


but still getting the below error.

java.sql.SQLException: Network error: IO Exception:Connection refused:connect.


Can someone please help me..

Occasional Contributor

Re: Connecting SQL server 2014 using windows authentication

1. copy sqljdbc jar (the most recent version) to \ReadyAPI-1.6.0\bin\ext

2. copy folders xa and auth to the same place and add it to the PATH (there should be 2 folders for each, in total 4 folders to add to the path)

3. copy sqljdbc_auth.dll to \ReadyAPI-1.6.0\bin

4. restart machine


Your connection string should be :

jdbc:sqlserver://<SERVER_NAME>:<PORT:1433>;databaseName=<DB: DB_NAME>;integratedSecurity=true


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