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Can I use unsigned SoapUI plugins in ReadyAPI! and SoapUI v5.5.0?

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Can I use unsigned SoapUI plugins in ReadyAPI! and SoapUI v5.5.0?



I'm having some trouble with a couple of tests that work in ReadyAPI!, but not in SoapUI (free) (link). 


I was reading that someone created a plugin that adds a Repeat testStep into the functionality to enable the user to repeat a certain teststep a number of times until it "passes" (very helpful if you have dodgy 3rd party API, etc.).  The plugin was originally for SoapUI (free) for versions earlier than v5.3.0. (link).


I am investigating this because when I execute some tests that I know work in ReadyAPI!, in SoapUI (free) - the steps that fail can on a subsequent submission pass.


To add the Repeat TestStep into my ReadyAPI!/SoapUI the instructions for the plugin indicate that I need to add in a jailbreak plugin before I add in the Repeat TestStep plugin cos plugins now need to be signed by SmartBear and this jailbreak plugin counters this.


Would anyone have an opinion on the above?


thanks in advance,



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Re: Can I use unsigned SoapUI plugins in ReadyAPI! and SoapUI v5.5.0?

Hello Richie,

I'm sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble trying to automate your tests. The quickest and simplest answer to your issue would be to reach out to Sales and I am sure that they will give you some sample licenses to run your automation tests if you are in the middle of a procurement process. If you give me the name of the account manager that you worked with I can probably help expedite this. Hope this helps.


On the original quesiton, plugins do need to be verified by SmartBear in order for them to be added to the tool. Let me know if there is anything else that I can do to help.

Temil Sanchez
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