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CHOICE with Sequence - Form editor not handling.

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CHOICE with Sequence - Form editor not handling.

I have a message that has a choice in it to allow a search by demographics ( Surrounded by element Node) or ID/idType that is group with only a sequence. 

In SOUPUI I go to the form view and I can only select either the Demographics node, the ID node or the idType node, not just the 2.

When I do that and go back to the XML view to validate it of coarse says I have invalid schema message.  If I manually put in the idType node and validate it again, it's valide

If I then go back to the form viewing it looses my changes again and I have to start all over.  Very annoying..

Any way to resolve this?  other than always stay in XML view for this message or add an element where the sequence is located.
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Re: CHOICE with Sequence - Form editor not handling.


hmm.. can you share the WSDL/XSD(s) for this so I can try to fix the editor to support this properly?


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