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Bug status changes


Bug status changes

Hola, just a quickie.

I've been filing bugs against SoapUI for a little while now. And the SoapUI team, because they are awesome, have been fixing them. Then I write comments against the bugs saying they're fixed.

They always remain open in the bug list though... should I close them, even though they're fixed in nightly builds rather than mainstream releases? Wait until they're in a proper release, then close them? Or just let the SoapUI team close them when they get to it?

Anyway. Keep up the good work guys, this is good software. I hate anything with a GUI, and I don't hate this
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Re: Bug status changes


hehe.. thanks for pointing this out.. our ambition is to close them when a "proper" release (ie not a nightly build) is out containing the fix, but I'm sure there are bunch that have been fixed and not closed, please feel free to do so!

kind regards,


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