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how to assert response in a dataloop

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how to assert response in a dataloop

hi all,
just started using soap ui pro. love it!

I'm a little stuck on how to verify (assert?) my response in a datasource loop i've set up:

I load from a file (using DataSource) a list of queries.
I pass each DataSource List item using PropertyTransfer to my TestRequest
I use Property Transfer to move the TestRequest Response to a DataSink
DataSource Loop back to load the next list item.

1) my property transfer to the DataSink doesnt quite work, what's the best way to transfer out the response from my TestRequest?
2) while looping through each one of my DataSource List items, I'd like to verify (using assert? i guess?) that the TestRequest Responses are correct. I guess I need to load another DataSource with the valid Responses?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: how to assert response in a dataloop


questions for you:

1) A property-transfer should work just fine. In what way does it not work?

2) Yes, that could be a way. Or if you have both the request and expected response being read from the same datasource (for example a rdbms table properties-file)


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Re: how to assert response in a dataloop

thanks for the quick response!
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