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Why my assertion is failing


Why my assertion is failing

As on the image you can see Mylist and CityList are same.

But at the assertion get failed.

10-17-2018 3-55-17 PM.png

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Re: Why my assertion is failing

try to compare single item at once, hope you will find the error that way.



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Re: Why my assertion is failing

Use in only to compare single items from a list. Use equals to compare the whole list, or assert that each item from the first list is in the second list.


def a = [1,2]
def b = [1,2,3]
def c = [[1,2],3]
def d = [1,2]

assert (a in c)
assert !(a in b)
a.each { assert it in b }
assert a == d

Re: Why my assertion is failing

I was able to solve this issue by adding below aseertion. myList cityList
assert myList == cityList
assert cityList.equals(myList)
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