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When Will We Finally Solve the Mac Browser SoapUI Issue

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When Will We Finally Solve the Mac Browser SoapUI Issue

For a few years -- since at least the 4.x releases -- we have had a problem with SoapUI that requires Mac users to disable the internal browser function.  This can be done either as a SoapUI setting or in Java launch parameters.


Although the functionality can be worked around, it sometimes requires extensive additional logic or manual workflows.  For example, I cannot use the OAuth2 Get Access Token feature because I can't load the user credentials window.  And as a result, I am off looking for another solution for doing what SoapUI should excel at.


Searches on the issue surface only disabling the browser as the solution.  Mac developers need the browser enabled.


SmartBear, can we please see have one of the following?

1 - A technical solution that corrects the problem outright.

2 - An explanation on how a developer can successfully enable the internal SoapUI browser through Mac, Java, and/or SoapUI configuration.

3 - If not a way to correct the problem, an explanation of the root cause so that an outside party can correct the issue if it is in their product.


Disabling the browser is addressed here:


Thanks for an otherwise awesome open source application.


Colin Jaccino

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