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SoapUI version 5.5 Does Not Decrypt The Response

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SoapUI version 5.5 Does Not Decrypt The Response

I have a test project that can call my webservice without issue and get back a response as it should. I can see on the server logs that the request SoapUI recieves is exactly what was sent. The trouble is that SoapUI does not decrypt the response. I have configured it with incoming wss that uses the correct Decrypt key store. Reading other threads, it was suggested that the following libraries be replaced for similar issues. I replaced them and restarted SoapUI, but to no avail. 

wss4j-1.6.16.jar replaced with wss4j-1.6.18.jar

xmlsec-1.4.5.jar replaced with xmlsec-1.5.8.jar


Has anyone had similar issues that they were able to solve?

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