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Soap Ui Open Source - Terribly slow to open

New Contributor

Soap Ui Open Source - Terribly slow to open

Good morning all


I'm using Soap UI Open Source since months and since then the opening of the interface is terribly slow, I means it can take 10 minutes.


I can see the executable in my task manager. Sometimes after minutes, I kill the process, start Soap UI again and, often, I get then the interface faster (less than one minute).


I'm behind a corporate firewall; perhaps should I disable something to make it faster?


(sorry if my post is in double, I've already searched for a solution, never find one).




(I'm using the very latest version 5.6.0; reinstalled this morning)



Community Hero

Close unrelated projects which you are not currently working.
Increase max heap size and see if required.
Use testrunner (commandline utility) for executing the tests and use UI to design the tests.

New Contributor

Many thanks Rao for your really fast answer.


I've only one project; the one I use to visually play with my own web service.


Please excuse me but I don't know how to increase the heap. I've found that page ( but there is no indication about "heap".


Good suggestion for testrunner; thanks!  I don't need it actually because I'm a PHP developper and, for automated tests, I'm using phpunit and an impressive set of unit tests. I'm using the UI to play with the methods, to check returned values, to make sure optional / required parameters allow to use correctly the method, ... This thanks the "Validate" feature of the user interface.

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