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Soap UI not loading

Hello, I have tried reinstalling several versions and soap UI just will not start. I tried even deleting default-soapui-workspace.xml and the xml in C:/Users/Me but now it is stuck on Creating soapui-settings.xml. Before it was stuck on reading from soapui-settings.xml.


I really need this program for work. Someone please help. There are no errors. It just gets stuck on loading screen.

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Re: Soap UI not loading

Really strange.

Have you looked at the log files of soapui?

By the way, you do not require to create soapui-settings.xml. It is generated automatically.

If you are not sure how to proceed, you can do the below:

Go to SOAPUI_HOME/bin directory in the command prompt.
Run soapui.bat

You can see what is going on in the command prompt.

If the problem persists, then report your finds with details.