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Server unavailable - Workday

New Contributor

Server unavailable - Workday

I am sending APIs to Workday to update data in the tenant.

These APIs work while the server is available.

Workday has scheduled service windows when the server is down and I get the following in the response:

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK

and later in the response:

    <title>Workday is currently unavailable.</title>

The client I'm working with wants to see a fault string similar to internal validation responses like the below for consistency of coding in how to handle errors:


         <faultstring>Validation error occurred. The Leave Event ID you have specified already exists in the system, please ensure when adding a new Leave Event the ID used is unique.</faultstring>

I'm of the opinion that they won't get a similar fault string because the tenant cannot return the validation fault because the tenant is down and cannot evaluate the request and respond to it and that we will have to be satisfied with determining if we get a 'server unavailable' string somewhere in the response inbetween the <title> tags

   The client is of the opinion that there has to be a fault string someplace in the response and I need to find it.

    Any suggestions / help / explanation would be helpful.




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