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SOAPUI 5.5.0 and OpenJDK

New Contributor

SOAPUI 5.5.0 and OpenJDK

I had to switch to OpenJDK.

Unfortunately SOAPUI will start with the browser component disabled and so with slimmed features.

Console says: WARN  com.eviware.soapui.SoapUI - Could not find jfxrt.jar. Internal browser will be disabled.


SOAPUI looks like this:



So, when will SOAPUI fully support OpenJDK?


As Oracle Java isn't free anymore, I think this problem is immanent.

Community Hero

SoapUI still ships with its bundled JRE (for free).

There is the option to use your own JRE:

  • If it works, great.
  • If not, well, it's an unsupported configuration...

It might help to share your specific reasons for wanting to use a JRE other than the supplied one. That could be useful to the team in deciding to bundle (and therefore build for) a different version.

New Contributor

@JHunt Thanks for your answer!

Is JRE is also shipped with SoapUI Open Source or only with SoapUI Pro?

First, I downloaded SOAPUI as a Windows Zip (64-bit Java not included), but know I took a look at the 32-bit ZIP. But where do I find the bundled JRE? I think, starting soapui.bat, it is using my system installation of Oracle Java (which will be deinstalled soon).

Community Hero

It's included in Open Source. You want the Windows Installer (64 bit).


You don't need to do anything to switch to the bundled JRE. It's used as the preferred one when your installation has it.

New Contributor

Thanks again, @JHunt !


Due to the lack of admin rights, I unfortunately cannot install SOAPUI. That's why I stick to the ZIP package.

Who can I ask to put Java to the ZIP? Or isn't this possible (because of licensing)?

Community Hero

Hi mame,


I came across some other answers that suggest maybe the problem is not that you're using OpenJDK, but just that you've got a later Java version. Can you try with OpenJDK 8?


Debian, Ubuntu, etc.

On the command line, type:
$ sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre The openjdk-8-jre package contains just the Java Runtime Environment. If you want to develop Java programs then please install the openjdk-8-jdk package.
Fedora, Oracle Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, etc.
==================================================== On the command line, type: $ su -c "yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk" The java-1.8.0-openjdk package contains just the Java Runtime Environment. If you want to develop Java programs then install the java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel package.


Hi all.

For those who are still stuck in this problem, as OpenJDK 8 doesn't provide a JFX library (actually, latest releases of Oracle JDK 8 don't provide it as well), you need to install it, otherwise you will miss some features.

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