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SOAP UI 5.0 DPIAware

New Contributor

Re: SOAP UI 5.0 DPIAware



Yes create a new dword named PreferExternalManifest.


I always use the same manifest. (long time since i didn't do it)

I'll try with the latest version to see if it is still working for me.


Best regards


New Contributor

Re: SOAP UI 5.0 DPIAware

Your fix just helped me in Windows 10. I have never hated a 4K screen so much in my life. I'd like to see both the applications and the OS handle UHD and higher DPI settings better than this. But it certainly helps.

Thanks again

New Contributor

Re: SOAP UI 5.0 DPIAware

Some other solutions suggested exporting an J2D_D3D=false environment variable. I hope to try this in Linux (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) as soon as I can figure out how.


Or, Windows-specific, to check the "Disable display scaling" on the icon's right-click dialog box per and other threads.

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