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Quickly loading Properties to a DataSource


Quickly loading Properties to a DataSource

  Is there any method of quickly loading FieldNames (Properties) to a DataSource.

Let me start with what I typically have.
1. An SQL Server 2005 Database Table of say 50 FieldNames.
2. Let's say 80% (40 Fields) will need to be entered in a DataContract(SoapUI Request)
3. I have extracted the required Fieldnames to the Header (Row1) of an Excel sheet and there I will load my TestData in there in the WorkSheet.
4. I need to create a DataSource with all 40 of those Fields specified as properties for holding the data as tye DataSource is read.
That's the problem...

What I have tried is as follows.

Created a text file with all the Fieldnames in it - one per line and in the order the Excel file has them.

Now I've tried using Properties and PropertyTransfer Steps but to no avail...

I managed to load them in to a Properties Step but that's as far it gets...

I know its only a one time Operation but as I have several to do I thought there might be soome 'Wizard' way of doing it


Super Contributor

Hi Desmond,

Unfortunately there is no easy way to do this currently. Please add a feature request for this under the soapUI Pro Feature Request forum, you are not the first to ask..


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