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Problems with MockService WSDL and SAP

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Problems with MockService WSDL and SAP

Dear community,

I am currently attempting to run & test a SAP Web Service using SOAP UI Requests for SAP Inbound as well as a MockService for SAP Outbound. I have a WDSL file availabe in SAP which I imported into a SOAP UI Project. This allows me to successful send requests to SAP -> I am happy.

However, I want to test SAP Outbound requests now - this is where I fail. I have created a MockService using my original project. I now try to setup this MockService as Outbount target from SAP, but SAP tells me that it cannot read the WDSL file:

Illegal Syntax: Enhancement Element not allowed in element operation

My assumption is that when I use a SOAPUI MockService, it does actually recreate the WDSL file in a new way which SAP cannot read. Is it somehow possible to use the original WSDL file from SAP to start the MockService? Or do you have any other ideas?

Your help is much appreciated! Thanks!
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Re: Problems with MockService WSDL and SAP

I believe the possible problem could be in wsdl, check with wsdl/service provider.

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