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New Soap project with WCF

New Contributor

New Soap project with WCF

Hi, I'm looking to those more familiar with SOAP UI and WCF services.  I am a complete novice and know very little about either. 


I am creating a new SOAP project using a wsdl which works in a web browser to bring back what I have attached, Create requests is checked.  When I click OK, it looks like it's doing something, but when it creates the Project, it is an empty folder.  When I open the project properties there is nothing listed under the interface summary.  Any thoughts on what might be wrong? 


Thank you for your insight!





Community Leader

Re: New Soap project with WCF

When I tried to parse the XML with Groovy it was failing.


Element type "wsdl:definitions" must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".

To get it to parse, I had to add a couple of missing spaces in the root element, e.g. between policy" and xlmns in:



I also had to re-encode it to UTF-8.


Now the XML will parse OK (attached) but I can't load it in SoapUI because it tries to contact your server. Please give it a try.

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Re: New Soap project with WCF

Thanks for your response and looking into that. 


I apologize for my ignorance, but it's not clear to me what I should do with this file.  When I'm trying to create a soap project, I'm just putting in the wsdl and am expecting it to pull back the service, but based on what you're saying it's returning an invalid xml?

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