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Multipart files in the same parameter

New Contributor

Multipart files in the same parameter


I have a Spring Rest API that looks like the following:
public void createRelease(@RequestPart("installers") List<MultipartFile> installers, ...

I'm using SoapUI 5.0.0.
I would to test my REST API by sending multiple files to the "createRealease" API.
Unfortunately I'm unable to figure how to do it.

I'm able to attach multiple files, that's ok.
I'm able to allocate one attachment to the "installers" parameter and send it correctly to the "createrelease" API.
But I can't understand how I can allocate more than one file to the "installers" parameter.

Any help would be appreciated.

New Contributor

Re: Multipart files in the same parameter


I have tried the Multi-Value Delimiter today by setting a "|" as delimiter between the two files value as the following: file:UXFMEPlatformTest.apk|file:UXFMEPlatformTest.ipa.

But when looking at the Raw tab i noticed that the request is not well formed, the filename contains the two values with a "|" in between ...
Content-Type: application/octet-stream
Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary
Content-Disposition: form-data; name="installers"; filename="UXFMEPlatformTest.apk|file:UXFMEPlatformTest.ipa"

I really thought I had the solution, is it a bug ? Or did I missed something ?