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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 jdbc connection with soap UI

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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 jdbc connection with soap UI

Hi Team,

I am new member of the smartbear and existing user of API testing(Postman).

Basically I am trying to connect Microsoft SQL Server 2014 jdbc connection with soap UI, Could you please guide who I can proceed.


What gonna be driver value? Can I have direct link?

what gonna be Connection string?

I tried with few docs and previous tickets but still have doubts.

And observed My system does not have smart bear folder in c drive, Any reason?

I can download soapui as .exe file then how I can put driver jar file in bin folder?


And please find below the my database details so that easy to guide on database connection.





cc's @richie 



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Re: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 jdbc connection with soap UI

@aakashjain8693 : You can refer below link in order to integrate database with soapui



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Himanshu Tayal
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Re: Microsoft SQL Server 2014 jdbc connection with soap UI

Hey @aakashjain8693 


with SQL Server you need to determine the method of authentication the database is using - cos your setup depends on this.

re: the auth - is it windows auth?  mixed mode?  sql only?  how to setup depends on this, so you need to find out how you login into your database first.


Next - you need to download the appropriate .jar driver files for SQL Server 2014 - if you google "jdbc driver .jar downloads for MS SQL Server 2014" you should find the right driver .jar file.


Next you need to ensure you have the correct java installed to run your .jar files.  Do a bit of googling to see what version of java is supported by SQL Server 2014.

At this point you need to check - sorry I use ReadyAPI! not SoapUI normally - I think you can get both 32bit and 64bit SoapUI, right? 

is your SoapUI 32bit or 64bit?  (you need to download the correct bit type java - if youre running 32bit SoapUI you cant use 64bit Java - it all needs to be the same - either 64bit OR 32bit - no mixing)



copy the driver .jar file to C:\Program Files\Smartbear\SoapUI-5.6.0\bin\ext


Smartbear removed the JDBC config functionality a while back - so you need to edit the config on your JDBC test steps themselves


your jdbc connection string can change depending on your setup - e.g

windows auth



sql auth



so you need a little trial and error to sort this out


use the above along with the link that @HimanshuTayal  added to configure your connection within your JDBC test step. (drivername, etc.)



give the above a shot and come back with any further questions





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